Video 104 – The Jungle

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The farm’s ex-military Unimog had been parked in the yard for a few days, having recently been used to winch a couple of large fallen trees out of the deep gorge that the beck had cut at the far end of the land. Originally, the Unimog had been supplied to the US Marine Corps, but Andrea had imported it from the US several years ago after it was decommissioned.

Sitting on a bench in the yard with a cup of tea, Andrea got to thinking of her own time, 20-odd years ago, in the British Territorial Army (now the British Army Reserve). The drills, the training, the camps, the yomps, the assault courses, oh and something called The Jungle! That was her favourite.

Essentially The Jungle required you to make your way across rough, overgrown, wet and boggy terrain without being seen or heard. This usually meant using streams and ditches as your route, and hence you got very wet and muddy in the process! That’s why it was her favourite. Now wouldn’t it be fun to do The Jungle again?

She still had her combat fatigues and boots upstairs in a cupboard; it just had to be done! So, she changed into her old army gear, and then drove the Unimog to the start of her very own Jungle…


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