Video 103 – Blown out of the water

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The month of April had been incredibly windy and wet in the North of England. Everywhere was waterlogged and yet there were clear signs that Spring was well underway: the oyster catchers were noisily defending their nests, and all of the trees were covered in a mist of new-growth green.

The local radio station playing in the tack room at the farm was saying how the nearby river was in flood and had burst its banks in numerous places; this just had to be investigated.

Andrea knew that she was going to get wet on this escapade. Indeed, she fully intended it. So, no waterproofs or waders, rather faux-leather leggings (to reduce windchill), a warm puffer coat, some leather country-style boots with a deep cleated sole, and a hat. Perhaps the latter was not a good idea.

As she approached the river the countryside became more exposed, and the wind was howling. The river is normally about 50m wide, but today it was wall over 100m, and it was flowing very quickly.

For the first half of her walk she got wet are her leisure. Over the tops of her boots and then up to mid thighs. Crotch deep, hip deep, waist deep… The water was cold but also invigorating; she was having great fun.

Having seen the swollen river close-up, she started to make her way back towards her pickup truck. She soon found herself on the wrong side of one of the many rivulets which were being caused by the main river having burst its banks. The water was murky, but it couldn’t be more than waist deep she reasoned – just like all the other water she’d waded through so far.

But, as she confidently stepped off the grassy bank into the shallows, she found there was no bottom to the water and she plunged in up to her neck! She really wasn’t expecting that, as you can tell by the look on her face. Swimming it was!

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