Mucky Pup – a Christmas 2020 freebie!


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Like many people, over the Summer Andrea got a “Covid puppy”; she called him Radar. He settled-in well with the other dogs on the farm and is almost 6 months old now. Being a Belgian Malinois, however, means that he needs huge amounts of exercise and stimulation.

So, three times per day Andrea takes him on a long walk. Usually it’s around the farm, but if time permits she will take him further afield, and on this occasion she took him to play on the flooded levee of the local river. He loves charging through the shallow water as fast as he can run, and then swimming in the deeper parts.

On her walk Andrea is wearing her blue Farmerrain jacket and bib’n’brace, together with a pair of neoprene lined Aigle waders, neoprene knee length socks and a pair of waterproof jodhpurs. Radar’s fun is contagious and she was soon running as fast as she could through the water with him.

Having chosen to cross a flooded area that was too deep for her waders, there was no further point in trying to stay dry! Radar never broke a sweat, but Andrea certainly did under all of that gear, so she rolled slowly into the water and let it cool her down as her suit gradually filled.

This video is a Christmas present from WetandMuddy to all our loyal friends, it’s in recognition of all of your support and encouragement over the past 12 months.

Let’s hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020. Best wishes to you all and thank you.

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