Spring Has Sprung – Freebie


It had been a long time; a very long time. For a whole host of reasons Andrea had not made a video for about 12 months.

This morning, she awoke to a beautiful Spring day in Northern England. It was not particularly warm (only 12degC) but there was a blue sky with big white clouds, and the birds were singing; it made her happy.

She was still in the middle of lambing, with the requisite bottle feeding of lambs at 6-hour intervals, round the clock, but you can do a lot in the 5-hour gap in between feeds.

She’d happened to put on a brand new pair of waterproof Horze jodhpurs that morning, and this got her thinking about the similarly brand new pair of leChameau neoprene-lined wellies that she’d got for Christmas.

Wouldn’t it be great to inaugurate both the jods and the wellies down by the river! Come on – she deserved it, after 3 weeks of 2am bottle feeding, a bit of fun time was definitely needed.

With knee-length SealSkinz waterproof socks under her polyurethane jods, her new wellies on her feet and wearing her favourite Fortex outdoor coat over her lycra riding shirt, she set off on her adventure.

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