Video 13 – Two-tone jodhpurs


Full version is 7mins 44secs long, and can be downloaded and streamed online.

Andrea is enjoying the early Spring weather, walking alongside the river. It’s wet and muddy underfoot, but she’s dressed for it in her goretex Dubarry boots, corduroy jodhpurs and a Barbour jacket.

She splashes across a shallow pond and gets a damp bum sitting on a mossy tree trunk. On the way home she has to ford the river and it’s up to her knees; never mind – she has a boot dryer at home.

Almost back to the car and things take a turn for the worse – she gets stuck in a boggy patch and ends up on her bum in the mud with a loud splat. When she stands-up her corduroy jods are now two-tone! She’d better rinse off all of that mud before getting into the car…

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