Video 18 – Sunshine and showers


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Some of the farm’s land is rough moorland which has little farming value. A few years ago Andrea applied for a grant to plant trees on it. Every few months she walks the different areas of plantation to check that trees still have protective sleeves and sturdy stakes. The area she’s checking today is in a small valley with a fast flowing stream. You often see deer here, so she has her camera with her.

The weather is very windy, with a mixture of sunshine and showers, but it looks like it’s getting better, so Andrea forgoes the PVC waterproofs and opts for a goretex jacket and a pair of walking trousers over neoprene wellies. This was a big mistake!

Within 10mins of setting-off it starts to pour down and she quite quickly gets soaked. Her trousers go almost see-through and she has to hide the camera and collect it later. She shelters under a small bridge but the pouring rain is persistent so she accepts that she has no option but to get completely drenched.

With that decision made, rather than use the path, she takes the direct route to the trees and splashes up the stream bed. With the work complete, she sits down in the stream and slides her way back down through the little waterfalls.

Thankfully, by now the sun really has come out. What great fun!

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