Video 19 – Dambuster


Full version is 19mins 10secs long, and can be downloaded and streamed online.

One of the streams that runs through the farm has a series of man-made pools along its length to slow the water speed and prevent excessive erosion. The heavy rains of last weekend have washed-out some of these man-made dams and hence Andrea sets off in her jeans, waders and long rubber gloves to fix the problems.

You’d think that the fast flowing flood water would wash the rocks off the dam and push them downstream, but actually the recirculating flow often pulls the rocks off the dam and leaves them at the bottom of the pool. Retrieving these rocks to rebuild the dam causes Andrea to flood firstly her gloves and then her waders.

So, when the job is done, she has some fun by jumping into the pool, splashing around and sitting in the stream. As she turns for home she stumbles into a muddy patch and can’t resist a quick sit down in it…

As for the quality of the work, it’s more dambuster than dam builder…!

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