Video 68 – Golden brown


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Andrea got a pair of Aigle Coupe Saumur rubber riding boots in the January sales – the ones she really wanted, with the red/brown tops; she also got a pair of tight suede leggings. For days she’d thought about wearing the boots and the suede trousers to go splashing in puddles and wading in the river.

At last she got some free time between jobs on the farm. She quickly removed the labels from the leggings and the stickers from the soles of the boots and, believe me, she needed no per-suede-ing to jump into the truck and drive to a muddy wooded area beside the local river.

She splashed through puddles and struggled up to her ankles in thick mud before she got a little more brave and started wading boot deep through the streams that crisscrossed the area. She was nicely warm and dry until she rounded a corner in a stream and quickly found herself over her knees, then up to her mid-thighs in very cold water.

With caution thrown to the wind, she was soon kneeling and then sitting in deep mud, rubbing it all over her suede leggings, before dropping to her knees with the water around her waist to rinse it all off. She then set off back to the car, walking along the lane as if nothing had happened. If you looked carefully though, you could see that her boots were glistening with water and her suede trousers that were a couple of shades darker than they had been when she had walked the other way. 😉

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