Video 69 – Hell for leather


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Andrea had been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and it had set her thinking about the times when she used to ride pillion on her husband’s Ducati 999. That was a few years ago now, but she still had all of her ‘biker chick’ gear in the wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be fun to take it for a different kind of spin?

Wearing her leather trousers, leather jacket and over-the-knee biker boots under her one-piece Richa Typhoon waterproof suit, she wandered through the wet woodland down to the edge of river – the place where she goes fossil hunting in Summer.

Paddling through the shallows and sitting on the rocks with the water flowing over them, she remained completely dry. Even when mid-calf deep her boots didn’t leak. At just before knee deep she got trickles down the backs of her calves as the water entered the boots through their buckled opening at the rear. It was a lovely feeling – her boots slowly filling and the water rising up inside the lower legs of her leathers.

Sitting straight legged in the water she waited for the wetness to creep up her legs and soak her bum in her leather pants. Then, with no holds barred, she proceeded to get completely soaked inside her suit. Wearing wet leather clothing is a wonderful feeling and she stripped off her waterproof suit to maximise the sensation.

With her trousers clinging to her wet skin, and her soaking jacket weighing her down, she waded in the freezing water, sitting on submerged rocks and immersing herself up to the shoulders. When she started to feel cold, she clambered onto the bank and struggled back into her waterproofs. With a final quick dip up to her shoulders to get the mud off, she straddled her Ducati and clamped her wet leather-clad thighs around it for the ride back home… 😉

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