Video 70 – In the long grass


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It had been raining non-stop for what seemed like weeks and hence, when the clouds finally broke, Andrea headed out onto the moors to enjoy the early-Spring day.

In her Spanish riding boots, denim jodhpurs, a waterproof Horseware jacket and a tweed cap she certainly looked the part for striding across the moorland; but after all that rain it was quite boggy in places…

Trying to stay dry is always fun, and she did well to last 15 minutes, but once you’ve accidentally topped your boots then getting very wet is even more fun. The best bit was finding a small stream meandering through the peat and surrounded by tall grass and rush.

She walked along the boggy stream – it was 4 feet deep in places; she sank in the muddy bottom, tripped on the submerged rocks, and struggled her way through the rushes that had matted over the top of it.

Exhausted, she just lay back in the muddy water enjoying the floating feeling. Exhilarating, relaxing and fun are probably the best words to describe the adventure. Oh, and bloody freezing too!

Roll on Summer.

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