Video 71 – A walk on the wild side


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It had been ages since Andrea had had the opportunity (or the excuse) to wear her wetsuit. So, with Spring in the air, she squeezed into her Osprey wetsuit and then put a green Helly Hansen waterproof jacket over the top half, and matching calf-high lace-up Aigle rubber boots on her feet.

Unless you looked closely, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that she was just out for a walk in the country, wearing a pair of black leggings, a green coat and wellies. But Andrea had a wilder excursion in mind…

She splashed through knee-deep streams, getting very wet feet, but when she sat in the shallow water at the edge of the river the welded seams of her wetsuit kept her completely dry.

Often the waterfall on this walk is too dangerous to approach, with rocks frequently raining down with the flow. Today, however, it looked much safer and so she clambered up the rocky outfall until she could stand under the full force of the torrent. What a fantastic feeling!

At the river again, she floated on her back, for the first time feeling the water seeping into the suit. Then, having taken the opportunity to get rather muddy, she rinsed off in the river, unzipping her wetsuit and filling it with freezing water in the process.

She slipped back into the Helly Hansen jacket for the walk back to the car – just another walker in a green jacket, black leggings and wellies. 🙂

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