Video 72 – Rock bottom


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Andrea had been clearing brush and low hanging branches all along the side of a field but in the process she noticed that numerous large rocks had fallen into the ditch, threatening to block it. Many were too heavy to lift back out so she tracked the digger into the field and started to lift them out, one by one.

The smaller rocks she tackled by hand and it was soon obvious that her chainsaw wellies and high-waist jeans were not going to be suitable for this job. So, she sat on the track of the digger and changed into brand new hi-viz waterproofs and a pair of Pros waders.

As she worked her way along the ditch, she had to kneel in places to be able to lift some of the rocks. Inevitably, it wasn’t long before the water had filled her waders, so she clambered onto the bank to empty them. As much water ran up the insides of the waterproof trouser legs as ran out onto the grass!

Whilst walking along the field edge, she noticed a very boggy patch, and with her wet bum in the hi-viz bib-n-brace she couldn’t resist coating her new clothing in sloppy mud. Sitting waist deep in the stream she washed off much of the mud and then perched on a rock to rest for a while. Her helper continued moving rocks with the digger, and it did sound like he was working very close behind her. She soon found out just how close he was when he dumped a bucket full of muddy water over her head!

Pretty much soaked, she climbed out of the ditch again and went for a swim in the nearby dam. Waders and waterproof hi-viz clothing, swimming in the sunshine; it doesn’t get much better than that!

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