Video 75 – Rub’d up the right way


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The long hot dry spell was coming to an end, with rain forecast for the next week. Due to the lack of rainfall the ponds around the property were at very low levels, and Andrea really had to take this opportunity to weed them before they refilled.

Wearing a pair of extra tall Bullseye Hood rubber waders, her smoothskin rubber wetsuit and shoulder length waterproof gloves, she set off to tackle some weeds, or at least that was the excuse…

It was hot and sweaty work and after 20mins she plonked her bum down in the sloppy mud to cool off. It felt great; so good in fact that she stripped out of the top half of her wetsuit and rolled the arms around her waist. A stumble or two later and she was completely soaked; there was no need to worry now about getting completely covered in mud, so that’s precisely what she did.

Wriggling back into her wetsuit when covered in mud was an interesting experience, you’d have thought that it would make it easier to put on, but it didn’t! Nevertheless, she managed it and then made her way down to the river to clean-up.

She swam around in the muddy water before removing her waders and her wetsuit and rinsing off all of the mud. It was then back on with the waders, over her bare feet and legs, before squeaking her way back to the house in her wet knickers and t-shirt.

Clearing weeds can be fun if you approach it in the right way…

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