Video 78 – If I could turn back time


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Andrea had been out for lunch with one of her girl friends, and after her friend drove away Andrea walked back up the drive. Glancing at the pond she remembered the time, 18 months earlier, when she was walking back to the house after a similar lunch date, when she spotted some litter in the pond. That turned into one of her first wet and muddy adventures. And guess what! She was wearing the same boots today as she had been wearing back then… Ah, what fun memories – if only she could turn back time and do it all again.

But there’s no time like the present. 18 months ago, reaching for the litter, Andrea fell in; this time she cautiously dipped her toes into the muddy water at the edge of the pond. Ankle deep and the boot zips were leaking a little, so she jumped up onto a low tree branch and enjoyed the Autumn warmth. The temptation was too much, however, and after a bit of daydreaming she splashed back down into the pond and walked out into the deeper water.

Her leather-look trousers were amazingly waterproof and even when she waist deep she was quite dry inside them. Funnily though, when the water went over her waist she got rather damp rather quickly!

Having relived the moments from 18 months earlier she walked across the field to the beck and enjoyed wading, jumping-in and swimming in the warm sunshine. Filling her trousers with water and watching it bulge around her legs and ankles was very funny. Then, as she climbed out onto the bank, something felt strange with the heel on her left boot…

Oh no! If only she could turn back time.


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