Video 84 – Hot spring


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Andrea awoke to a beautiful day. It was still March and yet the midday temperature was predicted to be 21degC – it was going to be a hot Spring day. You really have to make the very most of days like this, she thought to herself, as she finished feeding the lambs.

A few weeks back, during the storms that had swept across the UK, she had got soaked to the skin on several occasions whilst riding her horse. She’d hence bought an expensive pair of le Mieux DryTex waterproof riding pants – the best that you can get. And of course, since the moment that they’d arrived, there had not been a drop of rain… 😊 But, just because there was no rain didn’t mean that she couldn’t try them out!

So, she pulled her new waterproof trousers over the top of her Whitaker stretch-denim jodhpurs and Aigle rubber riding boots, and then fastened her lightweight showerproof Ariat jacket over her top half. Walking down to the river was lovely – not a breath of wind and clear blue skies; she was sweating lightly as she arrived at the river. The dry weather meant that there was little water flowing and so she could safely pick her way downstream in the ankle deep water.

To cool off a little she sat on a submerged rock and enjoyed the feeling of the cold water rushing past her legs and around her bum. The trousers were completely waterproof, as you’d expect, and even when she stepped into water deeper than her knees the tight Velcro fastenings around the ankles of her boots kept her dry. It was only when she ventured into water up to the tops of her thighs that she began to feel wetness slowly soaking into the knees of her jods.

With little trickles making their way into her boots she played a game of dare with herself, egging herself onwards into ever deeper water – crotch deep, hips deep and then right up to the top of the waistband of her waterproof trousers. She took one step too far and the water rose two inches above the waist, giving her a very cold sensation down inside the front of her pants!

So now she was wet; not soaked but definitely wet, and the day was still hotting-up. This was the only encouragement that she needed. Sitting on a rock on the riverbank she removed her waterproof trousers and lightweight jacket and walked to the edge of a deep pool in the river. 1, 2, 3… jump! After several jumps into the cold clear water, with subsequent swimming to the shallows to get out, she was completely soaked. But the air was warm and still, so she didn’t feel too cold. She opted not to put her waterproof pants back on to walk back home. Instead, she loosely fastened her jacket and set off in the sunshine; she’d only be damp by the time she reached her car.

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