Video 85 – I can see clearly now


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The forecast was for a mild day but with heavy rain showers. Andrea had been working around the farm all morning and decided that she’d go on a walk down by the river over lunchtime. She knew where a pair of kingfishers was nesting and she wanted to sit and watch them for a while.

As she set-off for the riverbank, wearing her JustTogs denim ‘sticky bum’ jodhpurs, Joules quilted jacket and her shiny black and red Musto wellies, the sky darkened and 5 minutes later it threw a heavy shower.

Luckily, she’d taken her Sparco one-piece waterproof suit with her, so she sheltered under a tree and put it on. The suit is perfectly transparent and is designed for sports competitors who want full protection from the rain but without masking the sponsor details on their clothing. Andrea uses it for horse riding competitions, but it’s also great to take on a walk by the river 😊.

Paddling in the shallows was lovely but, of course, Andrea pushed it just a little too far and ended up with a cupful of cool water in each welly. The water wasn’t too cold and so she ventured deeper and deeper, running, splashing and wading until she was fully swimming in the deep water. You could clearly see how she was slowly getting wetter and wetter inside the transparent suit. Under water the suit was completely clear, but where it creased it looked pure silver. When she got out of the river, you could see the level of water inside her suit, as it bulged around her knees.

Even though she was soaked to the skin, with her jodhpurs and riding shirt clinging tightly to her body, she was not cold – the suit prevented any wind chill. But she was rather tired from the swimming, and so she sat on a tussock and watched the kingfishers darting into their mud-hole nest in the banking, beaks full of tadpoles and small fish. How beautiful.

As she headed for home, she splashed along a knee deep muddy stream and took one more swim in a deep clear pond. She then stripped off the waterproof suit and packed it back in its carry bag before emptying her wellies for the umpteenth time and striding out along the footpath towards home, with loud squelching noises coming from her boots.

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