Video 90 – Muddy water aerobics


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Andrea had been to an aerobics class in the local village and some of the women there had been talking about doing water aerobics and how much fun it was. As Andrea walked back to the farm she was thinking not just about water aerobics, but rather the possibility of muddy water aerobics. Now that really did sound like fun. There was only one way to find out just how much fun, and since she was already dressed for aerobics there seemed like no better time than right there and then.

She gingerly walked into the soft mud at the side of the pond, the feet of her leather riding boots gradually disappearing beneath the surface as she did so. As she went deeper, the zips up the backs of the boots leaked a little, cooling her feet with muddy pond water. In contrast, the waterproof faux-leather jodhpurs that she was wearing did not leak readily at all, and even when she slowly sat down in the pond, with the muddy water around her hips, it took 30 seconds or more before she felt a little trickle of wetness seeping through the seam along the crotch.

The mud in the pond was really deep and sloppy and she enjoyed getting slowly soaked to the skin and covered in mud. Lying back in the water with the PVC hood of her hoodie keeping her hair clean and mainly dry, she tried some of the aerobics exercises that she had been doing earlier. Doing aerobics in two feet of mud is certainly a good workout, and she was soon really hot. So, she took off her jodhpurs and hoodie, put her mud-filled boots back on her feet, and waded back into the pond in her tights and leotard. This was proper muddy water aerobics!

After another 10 minutes of working out in the mud, she crawled back onto the bank, picked-up her discarded clothing, and set-off to the farm to get cleaned-up. The water from the hosepipe was anything but warm, but she sprayed herself and her clothing until she was as clean as she could get without a good shower. As she finished spraying herself down, she reflected on her newly discovered form of workout “muddy water aerobics, I wonder if it will catch on…”.


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