Video 97 – Flood pla’in

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The pre-Christmas period had been so cold and icy that Andrea had not ventured much beyond the farm for several weeks. Now, early in the New Year, it had rained nonstop for several days and everywhere was flooded – it was typical weather for the North of England! But Andrea likes going playing in floods and so she cut herself some slack from farm chores and excitedly embarked upon another adventure.

Wearing a pair of beige summer jodhpurs, a lightweight Ariat blouson, her long riding coat and her rubber Aigle riding boots, she happily splashed through the standing water in the fields. Without much effort she found a piece of floodwater which was deeper than her boots, so she sat on a mossy tree trunk to enjoy the feeling of the water seeping inside the very tight shafts of her boots, slowly soaking her socks and feet in the process.

Climbing out of a muddy stream that she had been following downhill, she turned and jumped two-footed back into the into the muddy water. Her boots stuck fast in the mud at the bottom of the stream and she gracefully over-balanced backwards to end up seat-first in 8 inches of slop.

If you’d been watching Andrea up to this stage, you’d have been surprised that she was warm enough to get soaking wet and covered in mud, given that she was wearing such lightweight clothing and that the air temperature was about 5degC. But, when she clambered back onto the side of the stream, with water and mud pouring from her jodhpurs, she removed her coat and blouson and it became immediately clear why she was not freezing to death: she was wearing her latex catsuit instead of underwear!

Rolling about in mud and water in a tight-fitting latex suit is an experience to be relished. If you’ve never tried it, you really should. Andrea spent 10 minutes enjoying the experience before sufficient water and mud had found its way inside the suit to be causing a chill (the leakage wasn’t the suit’s fault, it was Andrea’s because she hadn’t been able to resist unzipping the front of it down from neck level to below her breasts!). Nevertheless, chilled, wet and muddy she was, so she grabbed her discarded clothing and headed for home.

Arriving back at the farm, it was clear that she could not go into the house to shower until she had removed at least some of the mud that she was covered in. So, she ran down the field behind the house and straight into one of the many areas of flood water. It was knee deep and clean – perfect for splashing, swimming and rinsing-off.

Tired, cold and exhilarated, Andrea waded out of the flood, patted her warm woolly friends as she past them, and then headed straight indoors for a long, slow and very hot shower in a latex catsuit.

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