Video 15 – A bog on the moors


Full version is 8mins 08secs long, and can be downloaded and streamed online.

Andrea has grazing rights to a large area of common moorland adjacent to the farm. Before she turns-out her sheep in Spring she always walks the whole area to ensure that there are no dangers and that all fences etc are in good order.

It’s not been so wet of recent, but the moor is still just one huge bog. She’s wearing a brand new pair of Fouganza PVC jodhpurs, her rubber riding boots and a fly-fishing wading jacket over a tight wool jumper.

The shepherd’s crook she carries is not for rescuing sheep, rather it’s to test the depth of the wet patches on the moor. Some are 6 inches deep, some are 6 feet… 🙂

Having checked most of the land, she’s heads home via a notoriously boggy bit. The first dunking she gets is a real surprise, the subsequent ones are purely for pleasure!

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