Video 17 – Pure indulgence


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Andrea has been out riding in the rain, wearing her waterproof trousers and a goretex jacket. When she strips off her rainwear she has to confess that she’s a bit disappointed not to be more wet than she is… She’s almost completely dry aside from a wet patch on the front of her jods where the rain has leaked through the zip of her waterproof trousers.

She sits on a bale of straw in one of the foaling sheds and rinses off her boots with a trickle from the hosepipe. Slowly she takes the hose higher until it’s over the knees of her jods. Now this is more like the degree of wetness that she expected from the ride!

Having gone that far, there’s no point stopping at the knees, is there?

~ This is a tribute to Anya ~

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