Video 87 – Rubber duck

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Andrea is really proud of the ponds at the farm; in total there are about 10 of them, varying in size from a couple of meters in diameter to more than 50m long. The amount of wildlife that they attract and support is huge – dragon flies, damsel flies, water voles, newts, even leeches! But the amount of effort that it takes to keep the ponds in good condition is also huge. Weed and algae soon take over, and this provides Andrea with a constant battle, particularly during the summer months. Only the other day she’d stopped the pickup truck, on the way into the farm, to look in shock at the amount of weed that was threatening to take over the long thin pond on the left of the driveway.

For reasons that we won’t go into here, Andrea was wearing her latex catsuit, and it made her think that this would be good attire to remove some of the weeds from the pond on the drive. Not wanting to snag or rip the latex suit, she pulled a pair of denim dungarees on over the top of it, together with a lycra shooting shirt, and then she buckled her extra tall Bullseye Hood rubber waders around her waist. She was ready for action!

As she’d anticipated, the pond consisted of about a foot of water over 2-3 feet of clinging mud. Also, as she anticipated, it was just a bit too deep for her waders; but hey, that’s why she had thought that wearing the catsuit was a good idea for this task. With waders full of sloppy mud and water she enjoyed slowly submerging her waist and torso in the pond, feeling tiny trickles in the catsuit as some of the water squeezed through the zip.

Having removed quite a lot of weed, she paused hip-deep against the bank. She’d encountered no brambles or sharp branches, and this made her realise that there was little chance of the catsuit getting damaged. Given that it was a hot summer’s day, she decided to strip off the soaked dungarees and shirt, and to finish the weeding in just the catsuit and waders. What fun!

With the job done, she grabbed her discarded clothing and jumped into the Polaris to drive back to the farm. En route she stopped at a hosepipe and proceeded to rinse herself off. The ducks and geese wandered over to watch. She stripped off the catsuit and waders and gave them a thorough rinsing, both inside and out, before pulling the wet camo shirt back over her bare upper half and the waders over her lower.

Job done! Now it was time to walk into the shower, just as she was, and to enjoy a long, warm and very wet, clean up…

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