Video 92 – Clear as mud

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Andrea has lots of rainwear, some of which she likes, some of which she loves! One such item that she loves is the hoodless transparent one-piece waterproof suit that she wears in bad weather when she is competing on her horse.

A few weeks ago, Andrea mentioned on Facebook that all of the clothing and footwear that she wears in any of her videos was for sale. And what happened? Some one instantly asked to buy the clear plastic suit! But, you can’t go back on your word, and hence the sale of the suit was agreed. Surely though, the purchaser wouldn’t mind if she took it for one last outing in the pond, would they?

The suit had to be in the post later that afternoon and hence there was no time to plan and prepare. In fact, she just put it on over the top of the green leather wellies and denim overalls that she’d been wearing all day. Sometimes being impromptu is even more fun than meticulous planning!

With some recent rain, the water level in the pond had risen a little – it was now waist deep in places – but there was still at least 60cm of sloppy mud beneath the surface of the water. Perfect! It took her the best part of a minute to make the two-footed jump into the pond – she hesitated and dared herself, wanting to savour the moment to the maximum. And then she jumped!

The tight elasticated cuffs of the plastic suit around the ankles of her wellies leaked quite slowly, and the feeling of the water trickling into her boots and then rising slowly up the jeans legs of her jumpsuit inside the waterproof was exquisite. She waited until the water level in the suit was up to the middle of her thighs and then she threw caution to the wind and proceeded to get completely soaked and completely covered in mud (both outside the suit, and in it).

When she remembered that she had to get the suit packaged and delivered to the post office in the local village in time for the only parcel collection of the day, it spurred her on to clamber out of the pond and head to a hosepipe to clean up. She was just about to rinse all of the mucky water and sloppy mud out of the suit when she thought that the purchaser might just prefer it if she didn’t…

So, she washed herself off and then wrapped the filthy soaking plastic suit in 2 plastic carrier bags before taping them up and addressing them to the buyer. To make things a little more fun, she didn’t even strip out of her wet denim jumpsuit; she just put her wet wellies back on her feet and then pulled some clean dry waterproofs over the top of her clothes and boots, so that no one would be any the wiser, before jumping into the pickup trucking and heading off to the post office. Another satisfied customer, she hoped. 😊

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